National Observatory of Athens (NOA)

NOA's scientific mission primarily deals with the collection of observational data from hundreds of ground based stations and modern space probes as well as in applied research dealing with the crust and the interior of the earth, the atmospheric environment and the stellar and solar space.


NOA, apart from being the oldest Greek Research Institution with a constant presence and activity in Science at international level as well as in the Greek society for 170 years (since 1842), is a Research Centre active in Space Sciences and their applications with remarkable achievements. NOA with its three Institutes (Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing IAASARS; Environmental Research and Sustainable Development IERSD; Geodynamics GI), its highly-skilled human resources and the important infrastructure obtained over the last two decades, plays an important role in international space science activities and has a leading role in the national efforts for presence in the European Space Sector.

Agriculture; Climate; Atmosphere; Assess Environmental impact of farming; Assess crop damage due to storms; Monitor crops

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Lofos Nymphon 11810 Athens
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