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Agriculture; Atmosphere; Climate; Land use

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“Several farmers went on with sowing their parcels even though the sowing maps indicated otherwise. The conditions of the short future were unfavorable and the farmers had to sow for a second time a couple of weeks later.”

Vaggelis Georgolopoulos, Agronomist | Cotton Farsala


  • It estimates the current phenology stage of crop and the fuzzy transition of them in the course of time. → Producer/Farmer knows every time in what stage his/her crop is and he/she is able to take action
  • It provides a heatmap for the sowing period of cotton which estimates daily the risk(high/medium/low) → Producer/Farmer has an indication about the right time of sowing, he/she is able to catch the possible sweet early window of April for cotton sowing
  • It predicts the yield in kg/ha, weeks earlier from the harvest. → Producer/Farmer has a good estimation of yield weeks earlier
  • It provides charts for the evolution of the vegetation indices NDVI, NDWI, PSRI and some crop specific indices. → Producer/Farmer has a good indication in order to monitor the vegetation health and the moisture of the crop
  • It visualizes the max and min ambient temperatures per parcel and it interplays with → Producer/Farmer has access to ResAgri’s detailed weather information in a 2km x 2km spatial resolution

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