Computomics brings sustainable economic success to plant breeders and growers by distilling complex biological data with our machine learning technology, enabling them to produce stable, value-added products, which contribute to resource-efficient agriculture that can feed the world.

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We founded Computomics so farmers and breeders can reap the benefits of our machine learning algorithms.

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Mutation Signalling on agriculture parcels in the Netherlands
Agriculture, crop acreage, Monitor crops, crop types extent, Land use, Assess land value, ownership, type, use, Measure land use statistics, Agricultural commodities, Agriculture and rural development policy, Farming, Real-estate management, Local and regional planners, City authorities, Planners, Regional governments, Town authorities, Agriculture and rural policy makers
NEO signals changes to agriculture parcels. Monitoring, based on satellite imagery in combination with artificial intelligence, aims to detect changes in the boundaries of the parcels. The service saves time and money because, based on the mutation signalling, parcels can be looked at more specifically to determine the new parcel boundaries. This supports the process of keeping the national LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) registry up to date. The service that NEO provides is unique: it is the first time that mutation signalling based on earth observation is performed automatically on this scale. In this way the 500.000 parcels in the Netherlands are monitored. Open data from the national satellite data portal in the Netherlands is used.