5D Multi-Purpose LIS (Land information System)
The complexity of modern urban environments has led to the introduction of 3D Land Information Systems (LISs), which tend to replace traditional 2D LIS architectures for the purposes of urban planning and regeneration, land administration, real estate management and civil development.
Agriculture, Infrastructure, Coastal, Floods, Forests, Inland Water, Land Ecosystems, Land use, Landslides, Sea-ice and icebergs, Snow & Ice, Topography, Urban Areas, Security, Assess Environmental impact of farming, Monitor crops, Assess Deforestation / Forest Degradation, Assess environmental impact of forestry, Assess and monitor water bodies   , Monitor land ecosystems and biodiversity, Monitor land cover and detect change , Baseline mapping , Map line of sight visibility (land surface), Asset infrastructure monitoring, Monitor coastal ecosystem, Monitor the coast line, Map and assess flooding, Detect and monitor wildfires, Forecast and assess landslides, Monitor sensitive risk areas, Forecasting epidemics and diseases, land administration, land use studies, monitoring of settlements, urban atlas, urban development, smart cities, rural areas, building inventory, building footprint, spatial planning, land cover, Solar energy, Construction, Forestry, Real-estate management, Transportation
Success story
Haifa city urban redistrubition of land uses. Connection of the 3D Cadaste Data with urban building blocks renovation, building green areas and wellbeing environment for citizents - "workers" and visitors. Develop a "redistribution of properties" following the green - blue growth for facilitation of young couples vs the banks investment interest and civilians thoughts for better living. Contribute on the urban resilience and follow the Paris Agreement and the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Date: January 1, 2016
Company: Geosystems Hellas S.A.
Proposal: Haifa city. The technical tool is a 3D planning application (facing the time in the past and in the future - 4D) and is made to test the urban planning functionality combined climate change initiative following the Paris Agreement (5D) and affordable housing policies (5D) to achieve the “best use” of urban land following the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Public Authority, Monitor urban areas, Monitor construction and buildings
Firemaps.net provides monitoring of fires from satellites.
Fires, burnt scars, damage, forest fire risk, fire extent, Climate, Atmosphere, Insurance & Finance
Zebris Gbr
ZEBRIS counts on twenty years of experience in supporting sound natural resource management through (geographic) information. We provide solutions in the fields of forestry, water resources management, land fire management, soil protection, agriculture, and risk management. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art technical and scientific consulting services and solution development, building on a strong experience gained in projects on four continents. ZEBRIS has developed firemaps.net, a platform solution for supporting fire managers, and LandManager, a solution to support watershed management. ZEBRIS is an SME with an annual turnover of about 4-5 K Euro and a staff of seven technical and scientific experts.
Agriculture, Forests, Atmosphere, Fires, Detect and monitor wildfires, Monitor air quality & emissions, Forecasting sunlight exposure, Monitor atmosphere composition, Climate, Insurance & Finance
Firemaps.net supports management of UNESCO World heritage Site in West African Savanna
Success story
The UNESCO World heritage Site Comome National Park in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, is affected by large scale fires every year.
Date: January 15, 2016
Company: Zebris Gbr
Proposal: To provide park managers with more insight into the fire dynamics of this large park and two adjacent agropastoral areas, ZEBRIS proposed the use of the platform firemaps..net to provide frequent and timely updates of burned areas and near real time monitoring of fires. To assess greenhouse gas emissions, measuring biomass burning and smoke release rates with infrared satellites was proposed. Fire risk and vulnerability were to be analysed using satellite data of past fire events, land cover information, weather data and fire behaviour models. Analysis and reporting-ready statistics were to be done largely automated in the processing environment provided by firemaps.net and served through a web GIS interface or as downloadable raster and vector data.
Public Authority, Detect and monitor wildfires, forest fire risk, damage
TERRASIGNA. Romanian company having main expertise in processing, analysis and interpretation of optical and radar Earth Observation data, offers innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and risk assessment (flood risk analysis, drought early warning, deforestation evaluation etc.).
Floods, Forests, Marine ecosystem, Metocean, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Local and regional planners
Earth Science Data Access and PrOcessing Service for Black Sea (ESPOSS)
EPSOSS takes advantage of the high investments made by the European countries and their international partners in ES data collection and dissemination systems (e.g. satellites, in-situ networks, ICT frameworks) and builds on top of those systems an added value application (geoportal) for the scientific community and the Black Sea relevant decision makers on environmental issues.
Coastal, Marine ecosystem, algal bloom, ocean colour compositte, sea surface temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll-a concentration, Maritime, Local and regional planners
Spottitt Ltd.
Spottitt is an Oxfordshire based start-up, a new breed of geospatial company specialized in the provision of easy, efficient and low cost, self-service satellite analytics for the energy, environment and infrastructure sectors.
Urban Areas, Alternative Energy
Land Cover Analysis
10m resolution digital land cover anlaysis with 13 different land cover classes. Derived automatically from free Sentinel 2 imagery which provides global coverage and a 5 day refresh cycle.
Floods, Inland Water, Land Ecosystems, Geology, Forests, Infrastructure, Land use, Urban Areas, Fires, Earthquakes, Construction, Emergency Services, Environmental, Pollution & Climate, Farming, Utilities (water, electricity, waste) , Oil and Gas, Minerals and Mining
Planetek Italia s.r.l.
Planetek Italia is an Italian company, established in 1994, which employs 50 men and women, passionate and skilled in Geoinformatics, Space solutions, and Earth science.
Landslides, subsidence, Detect and monitor ground movement 
Preciso® Landslide
Preciso® landslide uses readings taken from Synthethic Aperture Radar (SAR) data to measure sub-centimetric movements of reference points on the ground.
Landslides, landslide monitoring, subsidence detection, Infrastructure
Success story
Detect and monitor landslides and instability risks over urban areas, large infrastructures and the territory around it, in order to prevent disasters
Date: June 25, 2015
Company: Planetek Italia s.r.l.
Public Authority, Landslides, subsidence detection
Geosystems Hellas S.A.
The company’s vision is helping organizations harness the information of the changing earth for greater advantage, by creating geospatial business systems that transform our earth’s data into business information
Fires, Coastal, Infrastructure, Land Ecosystems, Land use, Landslides, Forests, Agriculture, Topography, Security, Farming, Forestry, Real-estate management, Retail and Geo-marketing, Humanitarian Operations and Health, Environmental, Pollution & Climate, Transportation
Satellite-derived bathymetry for guiding nautical navigation
Success story
The client is a pilotage company that plans out voyages for vessels to be able to safely navigate in the Polar regions. They are highly dependent on accurate maps to provide the best possible service.
Date: January 1, 2018
Company: DHI GRAS
Proposal: We were commissioned by the client to provide them with accurately mapped coastlines at both low and high tide, as well as identify submerged hazards, such as reefs, rocks and sand banks.
Small to Medium Size Business, shipping and navigation, Detect and monitor ice-risk at sea, ship routing, Sea-ice and icebergs, Ships
We use Earth Observation satellite images to analyse, map, monitor and forecast Earths natural resources to help our clients understand the changes and developments that are taking place.
Agriculture, Forests, Inland Water, Snow & Ice, Land Ecosystems, Land use, Topography, Geology, Urban Areas, Infrastructure
Satellite-derived Bathymetry
Satellite-derived bathymetry is a state-of-the-art method for detailed mapping of shallow coastal areas, where unlike field-based surveys this solution has a quick turnaround, no health and safety issues and requires no permits. Since it is based on satellite information it is also ideal for remote areas and harsh environments. The method is able to map water depth down to 8 m at high and low tide in 2m, 10m and 90m resolution, depending on your project requirements.
Coastal, Fisheries, Map water depth or charting, Oil and Gas, Maritime