eoMALL Account is a digital Identity provided by the eoMALL web platform.

eoMALL User is a natural person in possession of an eoMALL Account.


By requesting an eoMALL Account, the requestor agrees to all terms of the policy here under.


Any use of the eoMALL Account which may lead to disruption of Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability of the eoMALL web platform or any of its elements is strictly prohibited.


eoMALL User shall under no circumstances use its eoMALL Account to perform any activity that is illegal under local, national or international law.


eoMALL User may use its eoMALL Account only for the legitimate purposes of the eoMALL web platform.


eoMALL user account is personal and non-transferable. User shall never under any circumstances share its eoMALL account with other person.


eoMALL credentials are confidential. User shall never disclose their credentials, neither in full nor in part, with any other person. Users shall protect the confidentiality of their credentials.


In case the Personal Data of an eoMALL User has changed, eoMALL User shall accordingly update his/her eoMALL Account latest 30 calendar days after the change took place.


eoMALL Accounts shall be subject to immediate deactivation in any of the following cases:

  • eoMALL User provided false personal or company information;
  • eoMALL User violated any term of this policy.