angle-left null Dynacrop - unlocking EO intelligence across the food value chain

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Dynacrop - unlocking EO intelligence across the food value chain


The food production sector must undergo a major change in order to sustain food production for a growing population and turn sustainable and carbon-neutral at the same time. Earth Observation is bringing tools that support the transition, but their adoption is slow due to the high complexity of the issue. DynaCrop is a white-label ecosystem enabling companies in the food value chain to use advanced information, statistics and intelligence based on Earth Observation. It provides ready-made crop monitoring, field statistics, application maps and soil moisture assessment on a global scale.


DynaCrop pursues a synergy with companies already established in the food value chain and helps them to integrate EO-based information at scale. In this way, it minimizes resources needed for EO integration (money, time, human resources) and provides users with state-of-the-art service. Information is delivered through the value-added platform (API, white label web application, QGIS plugin) and users are receiving user-centric consulting and R&D cooperation as part of the cooperation.


  • More sustainable food production corresponding to the increasing consumption needs
  • Support to turn carbon-neutral and therefore minimize the agricultural impact on the environment
  • Easily accessible information about crops, yields, soil moisture and other field data