angle-left null Renovatio shows significance of Cultural Heritage on Property values

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Renovatio shows significance of Cultural Heritage on Property values

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Rotterdam map by Cittmap


South Holland is a province of the Netherlands situated on the North Sea in the west of the Netherland and covers an area of 3,403 km2. Its provincial capital is The Hague and its largest city is Rotterdam. With a population of 3.65 million, South Holland is the most populous province and one of the most worlds’s densely populated ares.


The province of Zuid Holland had a challenge with 15% of the monument buildings being empty. This causes reduction in property prices and loss of cultural heritage. The renovation charges exceeded 150million, and a strategy was required to choose the correct sites for redevelopment. The data driven strategy proposed a solution to make life easier for the department culture and heritage to reduce the number of empty monuments.


  • The major advantage is the availability of information quickly.
  • The information also allowed for identifying risk with renovation projects much earlier.
  • These benefits enable more projects starting and by measuring the community benefits, the department is able to test strategies better.
  • Saves time to find information + Reduce risk with real estate projects = Confident decision making