Using the best available scientific data and Methods to help our clients and society mitigate present and future hydro-meteorological risks under a changing Climate.


We are an R&D Company operating transversely in the field of Environmental Remote Sensing. We are building on Scientific Innovation and the newest Technologies in Remote Sensing and Computer Models to provide the best possible Solutions to mitigate Water-related Risks. We offer: (i) Science-based Products & Services in the areas of Environmental Remote Sensing and Model Predictions to help Clients and the Society mitigate present and future Hydro-Meteorological Risks under a changing Climate; (ii) Drone-based Services, such as Aerial Survey, 3D Mapping, High-precision Terrain, Precision Viti- and Agri-culture, Infrastructure Mapping, Construction Site Monitoring, Disaster Relief, River and Flood Risk Mapping; (iii) Leading cutting-edge Research & Development in Scientific Fields of Water-related Risks to find sustainable Solutions to address Society’s needs; (iv) Strong partnership with National and International Organizations (also in the humanitarian sector) to address the Challenges of our times. We constantly strive to achieve inspiring and exacting Solutions that make a genuine difference to our Public & Private Customers, as well as the Society as a whole.

Agriculture; Atmosphere; Climate; Coastal; Fires; Floods

  • RSS-Hydro is a government accredited private research institute (AgrRED/17-021)
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