angle-left null Satellite-derived bathymetry for guiding nautical navigation

Success story

Satellite-derived bathymetry for guiding nautical navigation

shipping and navigation; Detect and monitor ice-risk at sea; ship routing; Sea-ice and icebergs; Ships


The client is a pilotage company that plans out voyages for vessels to be able to safely navigate in the Polar regions. They are highly dependent on accurate maps to provide the best possible service.


We were commissioned by the client to provide them with accurately mapped coastlines at both low and high tide, as well as identify submerged hazards, such as reefs, rocks and sand banks.

Customer Experience

DHI GRAS did a great job in helping us understand the value of the data and delivery was fast and on time.

Thomas Bøggild, Project Manager, Greenland Pilot Service


  • With the help of Satellite-Derived Bathymetry from DHI GRAS the client was able to make a proper navigational risk assessment enabling them to safely access the remote and poorly charted waters around Skjoldungen.