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Sargassum Monitoring- SAMTool service
Environmental, Pollution & Climate, Environment, Regional governments, Local and regional planners, Travel, Tourism and Leisure
Detection and sargassum influxes identification at their earliest stage using a synergy of satellite sensors, combined with drift modelling
DIVE service
Visibility in the water is a safety factor in both recreational and commercial diving as well as a large factor in the enjoyment of recreational diving. Visibility can be affected by many factors or variables which can be measured from space. To enable the use of earth observation data in these user focused downstream services we will create a location based middleware web service that provides near real time (NRT) visibility information for a specific location based on EO data.

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Airbus defence and space

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  • Engage, Maxar event in Barcelona - Spain, 18th - 19th June 2019: EARSC will have a booth on the 19th
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  • Phi-week, ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, 09th-13th September 2019, meet at our booth!
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  • GEO Ministerial Summit, Canberra - Australia, 04th-08th November 2019, meet at our booth!
  • Aquatech, Amsterdam - The Netherlands, 04th-06th November 2019