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In order to secure ecosystem benefits under increasingly anthropogenic pressures , knowledge-based conservation, management and restoration policies are needed. The key to that is data services that encompass effective monitoring (combined Remote sensing RS and insitu) and modelling of the trends and states of the ecosystem and its services.


The H2020 ECOPOTENTIAL produced a wide-ranging set of RS variables for an ensemble of 25 Protected Areas (PAs) covering the biogeographical regions of Europe with a focus on arid, mountain, and coastal ecosystems. The selection of variables was co-designed with the PA staff on-site (narratives) that link the ecosystem state and its changes to the drivers of change and to the essential variables to be effectively monitored. MySPACE will extend the approach (workflows and procedures) to quantify current and expected changes in a larger ensemble of sites.


  • Provision of Remote sensing-based information for the management of selected Protected Areas and environmental assessment in benchmark ecosystems
  • Production of consistent spatial and temporal variables

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Inland Water, Assess and monitor water bodies   , Local and regional planners, Regional governments, City authorities, Environment, Utilities (water, electricity, waste) , Water plants, Coastal management agencies
Using knowledge about how certain substances, such as one of the main pigments of the phytoplankton (Chlorophyll a - Chl a) alter the colour of the water, these parameters can be derived from optial Earth Observation (EO) satellite sensors. Water Insight provides monitoring services of Chl a based on EO data which is validated with in situmeasurements. Also the maps of WFD phytoplankton biomass status classes are created, by application of the WFD tresholds on Chl a as a proxy for phytoplankton biomass. The maps are made available in a portal, which allows to follow the lakes in time, zoom and download maps and time series.