Space4Good leverages remote sensing, geospatial analysis and artificial intelligence to provide novel, actionable geospatial insights for increased operational efficiency and data-driven transparency. Our mission is to support inspirational social and environmental impact initiatives worldwide aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Space4Good is incorporated as a social enterprise and builds on a dedicated team of data scientists, urban planners, geographic information experts, satellite earth observation specialists and application developers to support your vision.

Space4Good - Space Technology For Social and Environmental Impact


We apply our services in a broad field of sectors, all of which have a significant impact on our society and environment, such as: • Nature Conservation & Restorative Agriculture • Sustainable Urban & Land Development • Peace & Justice • Disaster Management & Humanitarian Aid • Renewable Energy & Infrastructure • Transparent Supply Chains Our clients and projects are located all around the world which we support with our growing team and a partner network spanning research organisations, technology providers and expert communities. This allows us to stay at the forefront of meaningful innovation and work with large multinationals as well as small organisations alike.

Agriculture; Climate; Coastal; Fires; Floods; Forests

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DynaCrop API
Crop monitoring
Use different indices such as NDVI, MSAVI and EVI or biophysical parameters such as LAI or fAPAR to show current and historical dynamics of crop growth to your customers.

Field scouting
Let your users prioritize field visits based on satellite field scouting. We identify anomalies in the crop growth and allow farmers to visit problematic places sooner than they become a real threat.

Zoning for variable applications
Finetune fertilizing and seeding of your customers with the satellite prescription maps based on long term or short term analysis of the field performance. Apply dynamic variations in the strategies and indices used for each specific use case.

Soil moisture
Water availability is becoming a crucial limiting factor for crop yields. Our high resolution soil moisture maps allow farmers to recognise underlying patterns of water distribution in their fields.

Soil organic carbon
Soil organic carbon is an important indicator of soil health and it plays a key role in the soil management. Help your farmers to make more informed decisions based on the regular satellite monitoring.
Land and Land Cover Analysis
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With AutoMap, the handling of satellite images has never been easier! We simplify the production of maps based on earth observation data and handle the application of machine learning algorithms for land surface classifications by providing a solid data processing pipeline in a fully managed cloud infrastructure. Bring your own samples or use our default solution, while we take care of the thousands of images that fit your request, all the clouds in your area of interest and every aspect of process optimization and secure data storage. Don't worry about machine learning concepts, intelligent training data collection, hyperparameter optimization or informative feature spaces - That's our job as well! Seeing the world from above is now as demanding as ordering a pizza!
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Continous Snow Monitoring System is available as global 500 m resolution snow cover, regional 20 m resolution snow cover for various areas and 20 m resolution snow depth product for Switzerland, the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada. All algorithms can be further extended to any regions of interest.