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Self-service satellite analytics for the Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Sectors.


Spottitt is an Oxfordshire based start-up, a new breed of geospatial company specialized in the provision of easy, efficient and low cost, self-service satellite analytics for the energy, environment and infrastructure sectors. In general, our customers need to understand the past, present and changing situation on the ground at locations all over the world, they struggle to find this information and therefore spend valuable time and resources manually gathering and manipulating said. info. Spottitt’s cloud based platform and our machine learning based algorithms makes searching, accessing and performing complex analytics on multiple up to date open source and commercial satellite imagery as easy as shopping online. Our satellite imagery and data sources provide global coverage and all our analyses are delivered fully automatically for any location in the world. A fully scalable solution which has been commercially available since March 2018, has paying customers and to which new fully automated analyses are constantly added.

Urban Areas; Alternative Energy; Infrastructure; Floods; Fires; Earthquakes

  • Copernicus Masters Finalists 2017
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