Space4Good leverages remote sensing, geospatial analysis and artificial intelligence to provide novel, actionable geospatial insights for increased operational efficiency and data-driven transparency. Our mission is to support inspirational social and environmental impact initiatives worldwide aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Space4Good is incorporated as a social enterprise and builds on a dedicated team of data scientists, urban planners, geographic information experts, satellite earth observation specialists and application developers to support your vision.

Space4Good - Space Technology For Social and Environmental Impact


We apply our services in a broad field of sectors, all of which have a significant impact on our society and environment, such as: • Nature Conservation & Restorative Agriculture • Sustainable Urban & Land Development • Peace & Justice • Disaster Management & Humanitarian Aid • Renewable Energy & Infrastructure • Transparent Supply Chains Our clients and projects are located all around the world which we support with our growing team and a partner network spanning research organisations, technology providers and expert communities. This allows us to stay at the forefront of meaningful innovation and work with large multinationals as well as small organisations alike.

Agriculture; Climate; Coastal; Fires; Floods; Forests

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Fluwelen Burgwal 58 2511CJ Den Haag
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Alexander Gunkel
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Environmental and Business Strategist
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Fluwelen Burgwal 58. 2511 CJ Den Haag, The Netherlands

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