Forestry conditions - climate service


The Finnish forest industry estimates annual efficiency gains to be ~70 M€ in handling the seasonal variation of wood supply operations. Terrain and forest road trafficability issues are causing significant production shortfalls and pose a risk in a future with shorter frost periods due to climate change. Also in warm situations soil moisture hinders wood production operations.


Forecasting harvesting conditions have a great potential value that will be demonstrated in this pilot. In addition carbon emissions from forest land change differently depending on the harvesting methods used. The pilot will highlight this in the service to motivate climate smart operations.


  • More efficient forestry operations using the harvester fleet in Finland with less still standing and waiting for good conditions in winter
  • Harvesting environmental impact can be optimized operating in summer as forest soil degradation from harvesting is regulated, but within the acceptable threshold of degradation, it can be further reduced
  • Carbon emission optimized harvesting methods enabling yield to emissions ratio analysis

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