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Sargassum Monitoring- SAMTool service

Detection and sargassum influxes identification at their earliest stage using a synergy of satellite sensors, combined with drift modelling

Environmental, Pollution & Climate; Environment; Regional governments; Local and regional planners; Travel, Tourism and Leisure

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Detection and sargassum influxes identification at their earliest stage using a synergy of satellite sensors, combined with drift modelling

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Daily update of the satellite images and drift prediction
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  • web portal access
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Regional and local
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Data publikacji
22 sie 2022


Benefits description

  • Access to up to date information on Sargassum position , overall situation and immediate landings
Model płatności
Cena od

Specyfikacja techniczna

Dostarczalna rozdzielczość przestrzenna
20.0 - 300.0 m
Dokładność dostarczalna w pionie
Dokładność dostarczalna pozioma
Dostarczalne warstwy rastrowe
  • images of sargassum detection
Dostarczalne warstwy wektorowe
  • results of sargassum drift trajectories
Dokładność dostarczalna
  • web service access
Dostarczany model danych
Dane do dostarczenia
Tłumacz Datum
Data rozpoczęcia nabycia
Data końcowa nabycia
On the shelf

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Caribbean Islands and Sea, Tropical Atlantic, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico

Caribbean Sea

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