Our mission is to provide unique data products as well as software as a service in the field of Earth observation. As a value-added services provider, we turn satellite, airborne and drone data into meaningful information our clients can trust and act upon.

COSMOS-SD Snow Height Detection


ExoLabs is proud to be a small enterprise with lean management. It makes us agile and flexible in reacting to your request. Our solutions are not out of the box but individually tailored for every customer. Creative and innovative algorithms are your asset and our joy.

Agriculture; Forests; Land use; Snow & Ice; Forestry; Farming

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With AutoMap, the handling of satellite images has never been easier! We simplify the production of maps based on earth observation data and handle the application of machine learning algorithms for land surface classifications by providing a solid data processing pipeline in a fully managed cloud infrastructure. Bring your own samples or use our default solution, while we take care of the thousands of images that fit your request, all the clouds in your area of interest and every aspect of process optimization and secure data storage. Don't worry about machine learning concepts, intelligent training data collection, hyperparameter optimization or informative feature spaces - That's our job as well! Seeing the world from above is now as demanding as ordering a pizza!
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